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Throughout the year, the Tulsa Community Service Center hosts several community events. All of our events are to serve the Tulsa community. Like us on Facebook or sign up for our newsletter so you're always connected and know when our next event is.

Looking for a Covid vaccine?  Look no further!

Tulsa Community Service Center is the place to get a free Covid vaccine.


Please come and share the blessings!

Elevate nutrition for your family with fresh produce and food.

Come and take advantage of free fresh food service while supplies last.


The flu shot is a seasonal vaccine that can provide protection against influenza viruses. Bring your entire family for free flu shots.

All visitors are required to wear mask. We do not ask for any type of Identification forms,

Recipients must fill out a consent form before they can get their flu shot.

Flu Shot
Massage Clinic

The benefits of massage range from improved blood circulation to improving your mood. Our volunteers are trained to give you a massage experience to better your health and reduce stress.


Our vision clinics are one of our most popular services. We have eye doctors who donate their time and money to get you the eye tests you need as well as fitting you for a new pair of glasses, absolutely free.

2018-03-04 09.58.33.jpg
Cooking Class

Nutrition is such a major part of being healthy. Join us for some of the best healthy, plant-based cooking classes this city has to offer. 

Music Lessons

Music is an integral part in healing of the mind and spirit. Come join us for free lessons!

Music Class

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